Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

As it appears, I spend a lot of time on the internet. Last night I found myself on Polyvore, searching out random bedroom inspiration in the hopes that I could put together a little set. I wasn't optimistic, but, to my extreme surprise, it came together almost instantaneously & I decided to share it on this busy Friday work day.

It was with my mention here that I decided to completely re-vamp my bedroom. A re-arrange has already gone down, and a purging session is about 85% complete. I have turned my sun room into an "office", I have re-arranged my closet, and I have changed the layout of just about everything else. I'm now moving my sights onto a new bedding scheme, which ties in the collage above.

I've got my sights set high on a swanky headboard, and I'm thinking it's going to be a DIY project (prepare the emergency room). I've also taken cues from this set-up that I stumbled across when looking at bedding, which would essentially incorporate a grey quilt, some other layered blankets of different textures & patterns, as well as both neutral & unexpected pillows. Here's another photo inspiration, which is from my Pinterest page, where I obsessively document these types of things.What is your dream bedroom like?

Happy Friday!

x, Kristin


emma brown trithart said...

ahhh woah! I'll take that dark grey tufted headboard, a couple of the pillows from the bottom and all the blankets, please! Can't wait to see what you do with your bedroom - I like the direction it's going in for sure.

Unknown said...

i love a good clean out // re-arrange!!! :D so much fun...loving the muted tones above too!

Rryan said...

You have seen my monstrosity of a bed, that is my dream bed :)

Ash xox

Kate said...

I have almost bought the dalmatian print pillow covers so many times, and then talked myself out of them, but still long for them! LOVE! Loving all the neutrals here... would make for a gorgeous little retreat! My tufted headboard is still hiding in the shoe factory storage closet, and doesn't fit my bed - you're welcome to it, but it's purple! ;)

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