Monday, December 3, 2012

Sweater Collector

Sweater: Vintage / Pants: J. Crew "Minnie" / Bag & Booties: Michael Kors (Hamilton bag) / Hat: Gap /  Watch: Guess / Bracelets: Urban Outfitters 

I have an addiction to confess: I have become obsessed with buying sweaters. To note: I am very much like this and anyone who knows me personally can attest that it's true. I am a bit of an obsessor (not in a creepy way - promise!). It could be the simplest of things - anywhere from nutella to headbands or rhinestone necklaces to kale - once I am into it, I am INTO IT and I don't tend to do anything on a small level. 

So, as afforementioned : I'm trying to amplify my sweater collection. There's a few reasons at work here. First, as I get older and, subsequently, colder, the Winter days have me longing for nothing more than a pair of nice skinnies & a cozy, oversized sweater. Second, they are actually so. versatile. Stick a collared shirt underneath or layer it over a drop waist dress & you have infinitely extended your wardrobe options.

Tell me of your favourite sweaters. 


Unknown said...

You are gorgeous, I love everything in the last couple posts!! I want your entire outfit here, but I also want it to look even half as cute on me as it does on you!!

Siena in Style said...

I love your watch!!
kisses from Milano

Krystin Lee said...

Love this look - too cute with the hat
xo Krystin

Super Starling! said...

The sweater that has been fulfilling my dreams lately has been this one:
(ew, lengthy ugly link)
This sweater long and floppy and kind of screwed up in its proportions. (The sleeve-line is, like, around the mid-upper-arm ON PURPOSE.) Who would MAKE such a thing and why would I ever have bought it? Which is why I wear it everywhere. It's good with jeans, good with leggings, and, if belted, okay with shortish skirts and combat boots.

Kastles said...

Love that hat on you!!! So cute! And sweaters are a must for Canada! :)
<3 Kastles

RoselyC said...

Beautiful sweater.

Anonymous said...

I love this sweater! It looks so cozy and I love how you styled it with the hat.

JennaStevie said...

This sweater looks oh so cozy!!! I do love me some big cozy sweaters for winter. That's so funny that you get obsessed with those things!

Rebecca Jane said...

Could not love this outfit more. Perfect. And the hat!!

Marsha C said...

Love that vinatge sweater and the hat looks great on you!

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