Friday, April 26, 2013

1 Jacket / 3 Ways

Good day & Happy Friday. I didn't have a post that I liked for today, so I popped together a Polyvore. I honestly get way too much joy from forming these and could spend an inordinate amount of time doing so. I'm not quite sure what that means, but like playing with paper dolls, I'd like to note that most items featured below fall into the category of make believe. Guys, I wish I had this Louis Vuitton jacket, or even the ability to stand in close proximity to it. My mouth opened up & made an incomprehensible sound when I saw it, my heart started palpitating, I got really giggly. I knew it was love, so instead of owning it, I'll pop it into sets with an outline on how I'd wear it on different days of the week. See below!

One Coat 3 Ways - Saturday
Saturday: Saturdays are, without a doubt, my very favourite day of the week. There is so much potential on a Saturday, and they can incorporate so much. For this style up, I picked my very favourite items to dress in and matched them with my very favourite activities to do. "Boyfriend" jeans (still find that term a little wompy), fun oxfords, a clear clutch (this is kind of phonus balonus, as I'd probably carry a huge bag that fits everything, but I'm super digging these sweet clear clutches), bright as bells lips, and a reliable chunky gold bracelet. 

As for activities: a landslide of coffee, new magazine reads, some carrots & flowers from the farmer's market, music in my ears, and a TICKET - maybe for a movie? maybe for a rock & roll show? Who's to know - it is Saturday, after all.

Also on this day I went to the ocean (except the closest one is hours away - sadness), took a walk in the woods, went second hand shopping, consumed some wine, and ran into every pal that I have.

1 Coat 3 Ways - Week Day

Work Day: Floral on floral for Spring, and appropriate lengths for work. Also featured are some daily essentials in form of: sustenance - Lara Bars are a super fav, blush, lip balm, portable coffee, my computer machine, a sweet little day planner, a calculator (I use one of these like, every 10 minutes, but mine is most certainly not encrusted in sparkles), a big-ass tote, and ka-pow wow earrings. 

Oh, and pretty undergarments. 

Also to note: I'm on my feet/driving a lot in my real life work industry, so those shoes are ridiculously inaccurate. Heels, yes. 6 inch platforms? Um, no.

1 Coat 3 Ways - Friday

Friday: I actually usually wear jeans on Fridays, but for this day, let's say I'm wearing a dress. Also incorporated: this quirky little lucite purse, a clear umbrella in case of April showers, a pretty floral iPhone case, easy but fun flats, an overly fun necklace, a neutral lip colour, and gin. Always & forever, gin. 

Have a great weekend!


Siena in Style said...

I love the last combination the most:)the dress is gorgeous!!
kisses from Milano

Rebecca Jane said...

As you already know, I am a major fan of this jacket and all the ways you've styled it. Great final post, gotta say!

cwmalls said...

It fits well, it's incredibly soft, and you can tell it's of very good quality. It goes well with pretty much anything. This sheepskin jackets is extremely comfortable to wear, and cool. Great soft material and nice color jackets in I will wear it over a t-shit and enjoy it! New favorite jacket!

Unknown said...

These are the best Polyvores I have seen in a long time...and you are bang on equating it with playing with virtual paper dolls haha. The first one is my fav only because that is what I would wear, but they are all lovely!

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