Monday, May 27, 2013

Such a Staple

Dress & Bomber: H&M / Shoes: reNeu Boutique / Watch: Guess / Sunnies & Purse: Le Chateau / Bow: Shopbop

This dress has become such a staple. I grabbed it on a whim when out to see The Great Gatsby with Kate & some other pals, and considered committed the ol' return-the-next-day after buyer's remorse set in. Instead, I wore it to work with a blazer, and then out to gallivant with my white leather jacket, and then with a different blazer, again to work, and then like this, with my rosette bomber. It's really so versatile, and the fit is spot on, so in the closet (or on the floor, tbh) it stays. Speaking of this rosette bomber... guys, I think I would marry it if I could. H&M kids section, for the win.

I picked up these little white flats on a Saturday afternoon, after noticing that they were decidedly similar to the little block heeled flats popping up in some of my favorite stores (e.g. these or these equally adorable flats I would love to make mine). They have the best gold tassels on the front bow, but being the white that they are, I felt them too dirty to photograph on this particular day. But I do love them & foresee them being worn until their death. Proof that a little thrifting can go a long way.

How was your weekend?

P.S. If you look closely at the last photo, you'll notice that I have lipstick smudge in the middle of my forehead. I could have photoshopped that out, but I figured I would leave it up for a Monday laugh.


Rebecca Jane said...

Every time I wear bright lipstick I inevitably end up with a smudge of it somewhere, ha. Your little smudge is barely visible, so worry not.

Melanie Liliana said...

I love this outfit and I love your smudge! I always end up having it somewhere in my outfit posts! haha

Siena in Style said...

beautiful dress!!

Sophie said...

I love the bomber jacket - white jackets are such a staple for the summer months!

Lauren said...

LOL I didn't even notice that smudge lipstick until you mentioned it (and even then it was hard to notice!). I can't believe you scored that at H&M kids section. I think I need to seem like a creeper and shop in that section more! And great buy on that dress. I seriously just love everything about this outfit Kristen .. and those white flats are oh so cute. xo

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