Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Frenzy

Fall Frenzy

Gucci Blouse / OHNE TITEL Skirt / ASOS Fedora / Coach Legacy Haley Satchel / Robert Rodriquez Skirt / Zara Dress / Zara Felt Cap / Karen Walker Northern Lights Sunglasses / MAC Lipstick in "Lush Life" / TIBI Piper Ankle Boots / Marc Jacobs Daisy / Zara Dress / Noir Collar

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen me tweet the following, "there is a time of year when you feel the seasons click. the air is crisp, the summer is gone & i veer to red wine, soup, knits & nostalgia.". It couldn't be more true. I made soup this week, have had 2 bottles of red wine since Friday, and my nostalgia is particularly on fire.

I also veer towards a wardrobe revamp. See above. If I look at last year's early Fall polyvore, it's a bit of a mish-mash, a mess, a blunder. This year I am feeling much more streamlined & simple (in every sense of the word), and majorly feeling the ol' mindset of quality over quantity. While some of these pieces are ridiculously out of the realm of possibility (hello Tibi boots, you are more than my rent?), there are a few items in there that are realistic contenders. My sights are set on both of those darling hats, some Zara dresses, and cheaper versions of both the burgundy blouse + quilted skirt. I think I can hunt those down just fine. 

The key to this Fall will be taking inventory of my closet and figuring out what I already have covered and then picking some key pieces wisely from there. Perhaps I could even make a blog post out of that journey... maybe then I'd be held accountable.

What are you feeling for Fall?

Collage made on Polyvore


Kate said...

It never hurts to dream a little! ;) And seriously, the cat hat could not be more you!

Lauren said...

I love every single item on this polyvore list. I am the same way in that I get so excited for fall. Love the air, cozy sweaters and apple picking! And this collage is sure to match all of those! Great picks xo

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