Friday, October 11, 2013

Thanksgiving (Collages / Recaps)

Weekend 1
Weekend 2

I took a nod from the lovely Alicia in creating these Polyvore sets, as she will often outline appropriate outfits for different occasions. I figured it was a great way to document some of my weekend, though I didn't really wear these exact replicas to all of the outlined events (I wish?). 

As you can see, my long weekend had a nice variety of activities. It started with a Saturday morning farmer's market trip - my very favorite of things. Fresh produce, wild flowers, strong lattes, all of the cheeses, and running into friends - all with a gorgeous tree lined street walk to & from - it's pretty much perfection personified. I also finished up my epic closet clean out, sort out (4 bags for women's shelter donation - FOUR!), which left me much more organized & inspired. I attended 2 dinners with both work friends & my roomate's family, went on a woods photowalk, played outside lots & lots, sat by a bonfire for 3 hours, caught up on kitty cuddle time, and made these in my pajamas with all of the coffee & all of the repeats of this album. All in all, the most perfect long weekend I could have asked for. I'm a very thankful girl.

I hope all of my fellow Canadian friends had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend here, there, and everywhere. 

All items & references can be found at my Polyvore


Diana S.T. said...

I always see you on instagram but I wanted to stob by here to say hello and tell you I love your style

Short Presents said...

I love the idea of this!!! Great picks!

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