Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brand New Again

Coat: c/o Joe Fresh / Dress: H&M / Boots: Joe Fresh / Bag: Thrifed / Sunnies: Le Chateau

I mentioned in an older post that this 70's inspired BRIGHT ORANGE Joe Fresh pea coat would be top tier in my closet once Autumn hit. Well, as it appears, I am clairvoyant. I have decided on this coat as my "main coat" this Fall, which is a decision that is based upon a few things:

1: It's just so super gorgeous. The hue, the fit, the structure, the warmth (even though we have been blessed with a truly warm Fall this year). 

2: Though it was sent to me last year, I only really got a few decent wears out of it before it was out of season, so it's like it is brand new again. I love when that happens.

3: I was aware I even owned it because I finally organized my closet. This may sound direly pathetic (and like the biggest 'first world problem' ever), but my closet situation was allowing me to forget about things I literally owned, which would lead me to buy new things when I didn't even need them, which added to the hoarding problem, starting the cycle all over again. This is me admitting that I have been ridiculous with attire organization. But now! Now I am 4 garbage bags of items lighter, everything has a place and a purpose, and it is really just the most amazing thing in ever. 

Any of y'all closet delinquents?


Sophie said...

I do love a pretty red coat!

Patrícia M. said...

A red coat really do a perfect statement with everything! The bag is pretty gorgeous.


RoselyC said...

I think we are all guilty of finding things we didn't know we had in our closets. I'm trying to make a habit of purging my closet every time I buy something new. There is always something there you are just hoarding.

Kate said...

That really is a perfect fall coat! Super gorgeous color! I need to follow in your footsteps and do a major closet purge!

Melissa Wright said...

Love the colour of the coat! I am a closet delinquent as well! Hoping that moving will help me clean it out!

Pink Jasmine Blog said...

What a perfect coat and styling..You look beautiful :)
Nice that I found your blog :) Take care and keep writing :)


Unknown said...

Love the color of the jacket!!!

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