Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Variety Show

A variety show for your Tuesday. Fall & Winter outfits past, with two never-made-it-to-blog photos (can you tell which ones they are?). I can't begin to name off all of the sources of these outfits past, but if you have a question about a piece, just pop me an email (dollparade@gmail.com).

Coming up for the rest of this week.. Big ol' coats (in Winter? Groundbreaking...), a re-visit to my wish list (let's be honest, we probably have a Polyvore covering that one), and just maybe, a new to me party dress (layered up with an also new to me motto jacket).

There, I've made myself accountable.

I need some more coffee.


Rebecca Jane said...

So much goodness in all of these outfits. I especially love the green trench dress

Lauren said...

Kristen, I love all of these looks. That green trench dress is stunning! Love how you styled it. You have such great taste and I love how you make each piece your own. Also adore your hair. Perfection! You are so pretty! Okay, think I could anymore compliments in one day?! xo

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