Friday, November 22, 2013

Quick Mix

It's Friday y'all. How do you feel?

This is a quick post of a daytime mix, with only a few photos to showcase (the sun was setting like it was on speed). Thank you to Kate for taking these photos under the wire.

This was worn to the #bringitdowntown launch this week, which I popped to right after work. Like the past two years, I'll be showcasing what I do with $100 downtown dollars in the downtown district of my city, Fredericton. I picked a theme of "stay all day", which suits me just peachy. Galavant downtown & blog about it? Yes please. I can't wait to plan my day & I'm brainstorming something new & different than what I have done in years past. Thank you Downtown Fredericton for including me yet again.

Have a great weekend one & all.


Patrícia M. said...

Your coat is gorgeous, and I really love the touch of the bow!


Veronika Novotny said...

This outfit is stunning. Yay, so lovely to see you posting again. Was missing your outfits, lady!!

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