Friday, March 11, 2011

Love Chronicles

Hello! As I do these photo diary features, I have been slowly picking up on some themes. As it appears, I like food, wine, coffee, and branches in the sky (none here today, but man there are tons in my Iphoto!). I'm not one bit disappointed with these penchants, since being caffeinated, buzzed, and full of good food is a great way to be. Oh, and to appreciate nature. That too. Happy Friday, readers. Thank you for you absolutely charming comments this week - I feel all warm & fuzzy inside! 

A fun nook to take some outfits photos.

Hello, legs.

Pals, food, and fizzy drinks.

Local coffee haunt.

Kate's pretty ring.

Sunday snacks.

A few jewels.

A glass of wine with a friend.. who has a small pompadour. Yes.

Me... needing a deep condition.


Unknown said...

aw the last photo os so pretty!!!

<3 steffy

Ashley said...

Beautiful photos! Everything looks so charming. I'm rubbish at photographing food, but you do quite well! And you look gorgeous in the last pic...I actually think your hair looks nice!

m. said...

I love reading a local blog, and seeing photos of familiar places!

Emma Dilemma said...

I'm really starting to look forward to your Friday Love's... another great collection!

Kristy said...

You are so pretty Kristin. Goodness. I love your friday love posts x

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