Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Corn Cheddar "Chowder"

I meant to post this yesterday, but since I just had a nasty run with food poisoning this week, I had to wait until I could even look at photos of food to get it posted. This recipe has been a staple for me for years now, though I have modified it slightly. I rely on this recipe that my momma sent me a few years back, though I have come to modify the regular milk for goat's milk and the butter for "fake butter" (i.e. dairy free beyond the old cheddar, and for this version, I used goat cheddar). It's delicious either way, and it's a great take on a chowder without the use of heavy creams. My favorite part is the abundance of thyme (my favorite spice) and the fresh red peppers as garnish. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

This looks SO good! I will definitely try making it soon.

I hope you're feeling better! xo

amberly said...

Thank you for sharing this recipe!! It looks so yummy...I'd give anything for a soup day...its been sleeting and snowing all morning :( Ooh and crusty bread is a MUST!

Kate said...

Mmm, I remember having the original version of this and it was delicious! Definitely would still to that over the goat cheese version, but that's just me! ;) I often use evaporated milk for things that call for cream - thick consistency but available in a 2% that has way less fat! Mmm, now I want chowder!

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