Sunday, February 5, 2012

Simple Sunday

For a laugh.. An "I am gosh darn freezing" Canadian Winter sigh in action. 

Pants: Parasuco / Tank: Urban Planet / Sweater: RW & Co. / Boots: Le Chateau / Bag: Michael Kors "Hamilton" / Jewelry: Spike the Punch & Flea Market / Hat: Unknown

A very simple Sunday outfit made for -20 temperatures and pops in and out of the house (yes the coat was kept closed for the day). This highly coveted Spike the Punch necklace was a gift from Kate, and really, it has become one of the most worn frequently worn items I own. So versatile, so fun, and always adding a bit of joy to a day when you yourself are feeling dreary. I'm a girl of few words today, but wanted to pop in and say hello. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Kastles said...

Girl you look gorgeous! Love the neutral coat and the stripes peeking out from your sweater!
<3 Kastles

Sophie said...

I love the colour of your coat, it's gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I love love LOVE your boots, they're gorgeous!

Natasha Fatah said...

Great look Kristin! Love those boots, and I am dying to get one of those Spike the Punch necklaces!


Kate said...

That first photo is so pretty! And fancy new boots! Haha they're definitely a major step up from the ones I just gave you! ;) And so glad you get so much wear out of your necklace, I am kicking myself for not buying one myself at that time - hopefully in time for spring!! xo.

Courtney Erin said...

Yup, that's the Canadian winter face alright!

Courtney ~

KateButlah said...

1st pic, so gorgeous you are!

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic, and definitely ready to face the winter ;) That last photo put a huge smile on my face. There are a few in my photo line-up that are definitely comparable.

PS. Those boots..dying a little over here


Dress Me Dearly said...

Loving that necklace and the last shot is too funny.

Unknown said...

I love your boots!!
I think half of my pictures look like your bottom one..haha..either that or weird "yelling" shots of me telling my dog to get out of my picture..hahaha

Natasha ~

C said...

Ah, that necklace. So happy to see it on you! I knew you'd love it the second K. told me she was planning to give it to you :) I love those boots too! The heel is a really nice width. I can relate so much to the last photo - the other day I was SURE every single photo I took would come out with a face like that. XOXO

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