Friday, February 10, 2012

Love Chronicles

Studded boots.

My Spike the Punch has its very own matching tea cup.


A variation on this combination. Can you see the difference?


Rock & cocktails.

Shoulder details.

A pal in the distance.

Stripes & camel. Always a favorite.

This week was a bit rough. Physically, emotionally, and just about everything in between. As the weekend nears, all I can think about is comitting marked portions of time to some relaxing, yet constructive and productive, activities. I am toying with the idea of a new side project, and I have yet to completely conclude the overhaul of my poor, turbulent closet. Beyond that, I plan on resting up & rejuvinating for the days ahead. What do you folks have on the agenda for this weekend? 


amberly said...

Amazing little snippits! I love your black leather skirt...I tried on the exact one the other day, but my boyfriend gave me the look of "Um, not sure you're pulling this one off, Sara..." but I'm LOVING how you've paired it with sheer polka dots and that cognac-colored coat!! Very envious of the kitty, Spike the Punch necklace, cocktails, and your details are superb. I look for that in an outfit, and girl, you got it goin' ON! Hope you have a relaxing weekend! Things come and go, hard and easy, like the tide...just be aware of it, the changes it brings, and how it makes you stronger!! My weekend plan is thrifting and sleeping in :) oh, and baking banananana bread!!

Anonymous said...

Cute little snippits. I especially love the last one - I'm such a sucker for stripes. Although I've never paired it with camel, I gotta say, it looks awesome!

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