Thursday, March 8, 2012


Peplum, chiffon & mint. Blouse soulmate.  

So, playing catch up after my mini-vacation has taken over my week pretty rapidly, and I'm only getting around to posting something for you today. I figured I should share a few of my Montreal finds, especially since they knocked a few items off my Spring wishlist. I unfortunately had a pretty crummy experience at Zara on my last day downtown, though, and I have got to say that it left me with a slightly sour taste regarding the store. Unfortunate but true! I also promise that I will get my butt outside for some outfits shots - it's becoming bearable out there and this weekend we spring ahead an hour, giving us a whole extra hour of light! Thank goodness.

A tiny trinket I have been wearing non-stop.

A studded collar blouse with a pleated back.

Experimenting with some arm wear, but I think I refuse to use the term "arm party".

The return of flats! Basic black to start.

A mint green flower pin on a superbly discounted comfy knit.

Bright red mary jane wedges.


Sophie said...

Such pretty pretty things!

Dress and Dish: Lana said...

Those H & M shoes are so cute! Never would guess they were H & M if they were on. Likey.

Kate said...

Yay for daylight savings! So happy about this! And loving those h&m flats, that is my favorite shape of flat right now! I bought similar bright pink ones from the gap months ago that I've been harboring for dry sidewalks! Good haul, my friend!

brynn said...

So many great things! I especially love the mint top. Stunning!

Unknown said...

You have such great taste. I'm sure I'd see some of this in a store and walk right by it, but when I see it here it just looks beautiful! Looking forward to seeing what you do with everything and how you style and pair it all!

Oh - and the shoes are AMAZING. *drool*

Anonymous said...

I'm from Montreal so just curious... What happened at Zara?


Unknown said...

I kind of don't love Zara anymore either. My last experience was lame too. Those H&M flats need to get on my feet, right now.

Love your blog and photos. New follower :)

Along Abbey Road

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