Friday, March 9, 2012

Love Chronicles: Montreal Moments

Going away with my Mum was a wonderful little break for me (thank you!), especially during these last few weeks of Winter that can sometimes feel down right crummy. I was able to take in some reading, catch up on my sleep, buy a few treats (as seen here yesterday), and spend quality time with some of my loved ones. This weekend I plan on finishing my unpacking (I'm the very wooorst for this), giving my place some t.l.c. via a cleaning spree & some re-organization, hitting up the farmer's market, and keeping things quiet. I downright promise you an outfit post on Monday! Happy weekend. 

Prior to departure I had a busy morning with a small project I can tell you a bit more about very soon!


Walking around the Plateau.

Café au lait.

Powder room decor at Fabergé.

Sunday brunch.

Catching up with a handsome bestie.

At a Japanese cook house.

Too many bread related indulgences for one belly.

Returning home to familiar, lovely faces.


Courtney Erin said...

Great photos - sounds like you had a nice trip.

Courtney ~

amberly said...

Gorgeous snaps!! Glad you're safe and full of memories :) :)

Leonor said...

I'm loving your blog!!


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