Friday, December 14, 2012

Bring It Downtown (Volume 2)

Last year I was asked to be a part of a neat new campaign put on by Downtown Fredericton called Bring it Downtown. This campaign asks 20 social media addicts, such as myself, to spend $100 dollars locally in order to spread the love, so to speak, at local businesses, as well as draw attention back to our downtown district as holiday shopping commences. Without question, this is something I'm heavily on board with.

Bring it Downtown is into its 2nd year now, and I was graciously asked to take part again (so much thanks!). The theme this year was to "try something new" and though I was excited about that, I wanted to find a way to still showcase my die hard haunts; so, I got creative & found a way to incorporate both new and frequented. If you follow me on twitter (@dollparade - come see me!), you'd have noticed me using the #bringitdowntown hashtag which I'll continue to wave loud & proud right into the 2013 year.


Part 1 - Something Old

I knew that I wanted to share some of my downtown dollar loot, so as a 30th birthday present, I decided to set someone up with a cross city scavenger hunt that included all of my (and their!) favourite haunts. I've never sent someone on a scavenger hunt before, and they'd never partook in one, so though it involved regularly frequented businesses, this adventure sent them on a new & fun "Downtown Fredericton tour", if you will.

Whitney Coffee (Fredericton Farmer's Market)

What kind of adventure can start without caffeine? I love the soy latte's here, and the workers never fail to send me into hysterics with their banter.

The Palate Restaurant

Tried, tested, delicious. Probably my all-around favourite restaurant in the city, this place offers up the most reliably delicious brunch on Saturdays, and the staff are just a bunch of peaches.

Backstreet Records

Music is darn important and Backstreet is always the best place to score something new. Managed by a friend & outfitted with a good selection, this had to make the list.

Cedar Tree Cafe

More coffee makes for better days in my opinion, and I honestly think that this place makes the best cup in the city. If you are looking for a life-changing experience, order the 3 shot Rodrigo.

To note: Each and every one of the businesses noted above went above & beyond in helping me scheme this thing out. Complete participation & all around awesome-ness from all.


Part 2 - Something New

After my scavenger hunt scheme, I had some downtown dollars left to use myself. This was where I  had planned on trying something that I had never tried before, which is hard for a girl that spends a lot of time in the downtown area. Here's what I came up with.

Jonnie Java Roasters

As you've probably gathered, I really love coffee. This said, I try not to always get coffee outside of the home & have multiple coffee-making devices within my kitchen set-up. I had heard about the Aeropress system & knew that I had to give it a try. Clean & easy, this system makes one heck of an Americano. A must try!


A new to Fredericton restaurant, Naru makes downright delicious sushi. We were in desperate need of this addition and their torpedo yam roll sort of changed my life.


Honorable Mentions!

I figured it fitting to mention a few of the other businesses that I have been to over the past few weeks, whether it be for holiday shopping or regular frequenting. It's so hard to narrow down all of the places you can visit downtown, and I didn't want these to go unseen.

Moshka Yoga

New to Fredericton & specializing in hot yoga, I plan to spend lots more time here in the new year (holiday detox, yes?). I've heard nothing but great things from other friends who have given this new studio a go, and if you ever want a yoga date with a newbie, I'm your girl.

Made You Blush

I had my make up done here when I was shot for FASHION Canada and I have always come back since in order to pick up their miracle under eye concealer chat with the girls. If you have someone in your life that appreciates quality beauty products sold by lovely ladies, take a pop in.

Urban Almanac General Store

Home wares & quirky gifts in an aesthetically pleasing & inviting atmosphere. I love the product, I love the staff, and I love the resident puppy. Enough said.

reNeu Boutique

This is one of my most frequented shops and where I pick up many pieces for my blog posts. reNeu carries new & vintage pieces alike, and you can also put your own things here on consignment. I often trade in my old garb for new & leave with an arm full of distinctly fun items.

Geek Chic Boutique

A new visit for me, this store specializes in things that I don't necessarily understand (gaming, what?) but that I appreciate for gift-giving. I was so impressed by the variety on-site and I left with a great gift for my brother.


There you have it.  Bring it Downtown in my nutshell. Thank you to Downtown Fredericton for the (second!) opportunity to gallivant around my favourite city & blog about it! And no matter if you are local to Fredericton or in another part of the globe, try to get out into the heart of your city & keep things local this year. I guarantee it's a good way to go.


Kandise said...

Oh, the AeroPress! I will need to check that out for AG.

Do yoga with me.

Barb said...

Great post, K! Love the scavenger hunt idea!!

Rebecca Jane said...

Next time I am in Fredericton I shall have to check out a couple of these places!

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