Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Cheer

Just a few snaps from around these parts over the past few days. I'm home at my parents' place in my hometown for a much needed holiday break, and it couldn't be more lovely. Lots of cooking, lots of laughing, and lots of reunions with faces that I love. So far, I reunited with my best friend, Candice who is home for the week. I met our newest family member (that makes cat number 4 in this clan, but who's counting?). I made some drop biscuits. I forced myself to find some balance and combat my indulgences. I dressed up for Christmas dinner. I got to document this. And I've done a lot of this. I've got a whole week of vacation left, too, and I'm sure I'll be back with an "end of vacay" update.

I hope that everyone is enjoying cheerful days filled with love, and my warmest thoughts go out to you & yours for the holiday season, whatever it is that you celebrate. xo.


barb c said...

Tell me more about that bag!!!!!

T. said...

Love the cat picture!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are soo crisp. What camera do you use?

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